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May 18, 2010

Keith Roberts of the Young Dubliners Endorses Sierra Guitars!

Sierra Guitars is happy to announce guitarist and singer-songwriter Keith Roberts, Lead Singer and Guitarist, as the newest endorser of Sierra Guitars! Keith Roberts plays the Sierra Sunrise SA28CETBL in Transparent Blue.

After officially signing an agreement with Sierra Guitars earlier this month Keith Roberts stated, "I first played a Sierra guitar at the 2010 NAMM Show and even with the craziness of that event I was pleasantly surprised by the feel and sound of the guitar. Once I had the chance to plug it in at a show, I was sold on the sound of the pickup and the overall comfort of the guitar. Now I have a fancy blue one and there's no stopping me!"

Keith Roberts, lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for The Young Dubliners, was born in Dublin Ireland. The son of two actors, entertainment was immediately a part of his life. After attending the University of Dublin and playing in a few bands, he graduated in 1985. It didn't take him long to realize that the Ireland of 1985 held little hope of employment and within a month he was on his way to America. Once there he was drawn back into the world of music and the seeds of The Young Dubliners were sown.

The band quickly went from a duo to a full seven-piece rock band and in 1993 they scored their first record deal. As radio airplay grew for the band, the relentless touring began. Although the Young Dubliners are comprised of American and Irish natives, the sound is best described as Celtic Rock. This is a result of blending the American rock influences and the Irish rock and traditional influences of each band member and ending up with refreshingly new and uplifting music.

After eight albums and thousands of national and international gigs (including opening slots with Jethro Tull, Collective Soul, Flaming Lips, Johnny Lang and many more) the Young Dubliners continue to make new music and bring their sound to the worlds' clubs and festivals. Their latest offering is Saints and Sinners, available on 429 records.

For information about Keith Roberts visit his website at:

 06:45 AM 07/16/2010, By MassRocker

I have seen this guy play. Good stuff, and the sound of the acoustic guitar was sweet!

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